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The Ye Ole Painters team knows what it takes to achieve a perfect finish. When it comes to getting the result you’re counting on, an expert’s touch can make all the difference.

We focus on repainting homes and businesses, but we offer other professional services as well. See the information included on this page to learn more.


Repainting Is Our Specialty

Ye Ol Painters takes pride in making our customers’ homes and businesses look just the way that they want. We specialize in repainting both residential and commercial properties. Our team will apply a stylish, professional finish on everything from living rooms to office spaces. Forget about uneven lines and streaky walls. From preparation to primer to final application, we take care of it all. We also do exterior painting on residential and commercial properties. From start to finish, Ye Ol Painters will bring new life and energy to your living spaces and property.


Looking to change the look and color of your business or residence but don’t have the time? Contact Ye Ol Painters.

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Additional Areas Of Expertise:

• Staining and wood finishing

• Drywall

• Interior and exterior wall-covering

• Water and fire damage

• Fire-proofing

• Power washing

• Mold remediation

Proposals given upon request. Our crew chiefs have the training, experience and equipment to handle virtually any job.

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